Driver Spotlight: The Joker

Undoubtedly the biggest card at Boston Duck Tours, the Joker is on deck to show you a one of a kind tour of Boston. Straight from the gambling tables of Las Vegas, he felt he should take a gamble and shuffled off to Beantown. Do you wear a suit to work? Don’t feel bad. The joker wears all 4! Truly a diamond in the rough, when you join The Jokers’ club, he will be in your hearts forever. Growing up with a pack of 52 others was not easy. The Jokers’ life was a flop, but he turned it around and here he is giving tours on the Charles River.

Meet the Ducks: Tub of the Hub


Tub was named in a “Name the Duck” contest won a local school child. This bright red beauty’s name stems from another Boston nickname, The Hub. The phrase, “Hub of the solar system,” was the way Boston author and philosopher Oliver Wendell Holmes described the State House in his novel “The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table”. Today, Bostonians like to say the city is “The Hub of the Universe”.

Driver Spotlight: Sully Mikestand

Sully Mikestand is the “official roadie” for the Boston Duck Tours. When his foray into the rock and roll world fizzled, his mother gave him the ultimatum of having to either get a job or move out of the basement. To collect his thoughts and plan his next move, Sully went to a local club to catch a concert where he met duck driver Dirty Waters who offered Sully a job with a “crew that goes on the road all the time.” Thinking that Dirty was a legendary bluesman, Sully jumped at the opportunity. So, until he gets the call from the rock world, join Sully’s crew as he takes you on the road.

Driver Spotlight: Major Groovy

Major Groovy is a blast from the past right out of the 60s, cool, hip, with it, far out, out-a-sight and in this orbit most of the time. A trip with Major Groovy is a gas, as you dig Boston history and happenings, while you skip on down the cobblestones, lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy. Feel the vibes with Major Groovy and you’ll “feel the love,” ducky wucky love, that is.

Driver Spotlight: Paul from Revere

Revere is right above Boston.. geography-wise. It also has the oldest public beach in America. In Revere, they tan and they gamble. It’s where the roast beef flows like wine. In Revere people like their Iroc Zs fast and their women’s hairdos extremely high. One if by land! Two if by sea! On the opposite shore his Camaro would be. Don’t confuse him with Paul Revere - he was a famous American Patriot. This is Paul from Revere; he just bet very poorly on the Patriots. He lost a bundle last January. To make up for gambling debts, he is giving tours on the DUCKs. Finally, he has a job where he can drive a company vehicle into the Charles River and not have to deal with the police afterwards.