Driver Spotlight: Dirty Waters


Dirty Waters used to be a Blues Musician until he lost most of his band in an unfortunate gardening accident. He relocated to Boston to write some new sad songs, but found it hard to be inspired – this city’s just too beautiful! Now he’s just singing and driving his way through Beantown, looking for new band members, and still finding it impossible to get the Blues.

Meet the Ducks: Dorchester Dottie


Dottie represents Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood and a place of firsts. It was the site of the first chocolate factory in the U.S. Baker’s Chocolate, was the first place to support a public school by taxation, the site of the first town meeting, had the world’s first supermarket and was also the site of the first water mill and powder mill in America. Dorchester is also the nesting site for our fleet of amphibious fowl. Dottie was christened in 2010 by longtime City Council Member Maureen Feeney, who represents Dorchester. She is also the longest serving woman president in the history of the Boston City Council.

Driver Spotlight: Sgt. Meatball


Sergeant Meatball is the platoon sergeant of the craziest bunch of misfits in the entire corps, A.K.A. MEATBALL’S MARAUDERS. Sgt. Meatball’s, commanding officer, Commander Swampscott seems to believe that Sgt. Meatball and his band of marauders are not fit for military life (one good look and you’ll see why). With this in mind, Sgt. Meatball’s commanding officer has re-assigned Meatball and his platoon to a small island outpost in the middle of Pineapple Bay, called Coconut Island. While on the island, Meatball and the marauders train for amphibious landings while raiding luaus.

Meet the Ducks: Haymarket Hanna

Hannah is named after Haymarket Square, which is Boston’s biggest open-air market. Operating on Fridays and Saturdays during daylight hours, Haymarket is the place to go to get your fruits and vegetables for the week ahead. Located between the North End and Faneuil Hall, it gets a little loud as venders yell to passersby about their wares and the deals that they are offering that day. Sometimes it seems like everything there is a “Buck a Box” or a “Dollar a Pound”.

Driver Spotlight: Captain Blackeye

Captain “Blackeye Mac” was a notorious pirate off the coast of Boston, till one evening while fetching himself a cup of tea in the galley, a giant rouge wave slapped the side of his ship sending him head over tea cups and gave him his black eye and a complete change of heart. He no longer wanted to be a pirate. His crew asked him to leave, he did. He swam ashore and found BDT, they promised him a new ship and a new crew. The pacifist pirate is pleased with his new line of work!